Young Maritime Prize – Piraeus 2016

Awards and Participation Details

1. Awards

The three most well-substantiated papers shall be granted an award by the Piraeus Bar Association and shall be published in the Volume of Reports of the Conference, which will contain the Contributions that will be presented at the Conference. More specifically, the prizes to be awarded, accompanied by a 1.500€ prize each, are:

 “Anthony Antapassis” award

“Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Ltd” award

 “Sea Link Navigation Limited” award


2. Terms and Deadlines of participation

-The participants must be graduates of the Faculty of Law or of a Faculty of a field relevant to the maritime sector and must not have exceeded the 35th year of age.

-Languages: Greek, English.

-In the context of the contest, those interested must submit an original study on a matter relative to the subject of the upcoming Conference, which must not have  been submitted as a paper or/and have been published.  

-The study must extend up to a maximum of 25 pages/10.000 words and include a bibliographical documentation.

-The study, copied in triplicate, must be submitted to Piraeus Bar Association’s secretariat until 20/9/2016.

The studies that will be submitted, will be evaluated by a three-member Committee, consisted of Mr. Athanassios Koutromanos, (f. President of the Supreme Court of Greece), Ms Lia Athanassiou, (Professor-Law School of Athens) and Mr George Theocharidis, (Assoc. Professor- World Maritime University – Malmö, Sweden). 


For the Piraeus Bar Association

The President

George Stamatogiannis



For the Organizing Committee

The President

Lia I. Athanassiou

Professor, Law School of Athens




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