9th International Conference on Maritime Law

The 9th International Conference will be held in Piraeus on 13-15 October 2013 and its subject is: 

Maritime Safety and Security:

Legal implications to ships, cargo and the human element.

Under that heading, the subject that has been chosen is extremely timely and synthetic and allows the study of issues with particular theoretical and practical significance and shall be divided into three main sections: The first section will be dedicated to the institutional framework for safety in navigation, seaworthiness and safety regarding the operation of the ship during her existence. Several issues are integrated here, such as liability of classification societies, ports of refuge, the role of port services, the current EU and international legislation for the recycling, the adequacy of EU and international safety rules. The second one will focus on issues regarding the consequences of defects in cargo safety and during the execution of charter-parties and contracts of carriage by sea, in general. The relevant charter-party clauses, as well as the third parties claims for damages related to the execution of contracts of carriage by sea, shall be approached on theoretical and case-law basis.  The third section is dedicated to the human element at sea and will deal with the protection of passengers, crew and any other person on board.  Current issues such as the ship owner’s liability for actions of armed guards, migration from the aspect of the rules of maritime law, the liability of passengers’ carrier after the recent deadly accidents, shall be examined in depth. Finally, this year’s program will include for the first time a round table, where academics, legal practitioners and market representatives will discuss with the participants certain issues in relation with the subject of the Conference. More precisely, legal issues to be examined at the round table are those arising out of the phenomenon of piracy from the aspect of international law, maritime insurance law and maritime law (ship owner’s and carrier’s liability, general average etc.).      

In the framework of the 9th International Conference and for the first time since the beginning of this institution, the Piraeus Bar Association and the Organizing Committee have decided to encourage the participation to the scientific dialogue, of young lawyers and scientists that have the will to make intense research in the field of Maritime Law. Considering that difficult periods of economic distress should be treated as a challenge and not an obstacle to the scientific progress and the promotion of young researchers who demonstrate zeal in the study of Maritime Law, a contest has been organized during the present Conference under the title “Young Maritime Prize” – Piraeus 2016.





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