Nikolaos Th. Konstantinidis, was born in Piraeus. He graduated from the Law School of Athens University. Ηe acquired a postgraduate diploma in private law «Dea de droit privé» and prepared a  Doctorat at the University of Poitiers, in France, 1994, with degree «cum laude»-«très honorable»: «L’ intervention du secteur public dans les entreprises privées en difficulté», published by A. Sakkoulas - Bruylant 1996, with introduction of Prof. Thanassis Liakopoulos. He is a attorney at  law entitled  to plead before the Supreme Court and a member of Piraeus Bar Association.  He has also been a lawyer in the Piraeus Port Authority since 1987 (he has been Head of the Legal Department of Contracts and Legal Opinions since 2010). In 2003, he represented the Piraeus Bar Association in the «Green Law» Seminar organized by the Madariaga European Foundation in Brussels, presenting the report (in French and English language) «The  protection of the marine environment against maritime casualties in European and International Law».

In  2015  he  was  a  speaker  in  the  Conference, organized  by  the  Hellenic Ministry  of  Justice  and  the  Supreme Court, which  took  place  in  the  Court of  Appeal in Athens, in honor  of  the  French delegation «Institute of  Higher  Security and Justice Studies» (INHESJ), presenting the  report  in French language: «The  impact  of economic  crisis  in  the  Justice  in  Greece». He  has  generally  participated, as  a  speaker, in a great number of International Conferences. He  has  also  published several articles  on  commercial, maritime  and  public  law  in  law reviews.  

Indicative publications: 

- «The  legal  status of shipwrecks and damages in the area  of  PPA». Commercial Law  Review  1992, p. 683-699.

-  «The  private  companies  in  difficulty : impact  on  labor relations» Nomiko  Vima  (46) 1998 p. 601-623.

- «Ιnternational legal issues arising  from wrecks in ports», published by “Mytilineos” in 1998.

- «Issues of european law in the field of port services» Law of  Firms and Companies 1999, p. 369-376.

- «Legal issues concerning the limitation of liability under the International London Convention 1976 LLMC» report at the 4th International Conference on maritime law,           organized by Piraeus Bar Association, 6/2001, published by A. Sakoulas, p. 277-298.

- «Challenging the  limitation of the compensation  for  marine oil  pollution» report at the 5th International Conference of maritime law, organized by the Piraeus Bar Association, 10/2004, published by A. Sakoulas, p. 53-76.  

- «Responsibility  for  wrecks  removal,  in  Greek  and  International  Law» Volume related to the Conference  organized by Piraeus Bar Association, «Environmental  responsibility: theoretical  developments  and  implementation issues », 6/2009, published by Nomiki  Vivliothiki 2010, p. 125-135.

- «The public nature  of  PPA in the  recent  jurisprudence» Nomiko Vima (58) 2010 p. 2462-2472.

- «The  law of  wreck  removal  from  ports. International and  comparative  law: current  evolution. Greek law: de  lege  lata and de lege ferenda» Nomiko Vima (60) 2010 p. 1056-1065.









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