Thomas J. Schoenbaum holds a B.A. degree from St. Joseph's College (Indiana); a D.E.S.S. in Philosophy (Diplôme d'etudes supérieures specialisées) from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium); a J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree in law from the University of Michigan; and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge (U.K.). He is currently Research Professor of Law at the George Washington University School of Law and Fellow of the Center for Law, Economics and Finance, George Washington University. He also serves as Special Counsel to the Noda General Law Offices, Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

He is currently Dean Rusk Professor of Law, Emeritus at the University of Georgia. Professor Schoenbaum has engaged in the practice of law for forty years specializing in international business transactions, environmental matters and maritime law. Professor Schoenbaum has received six Fulbright awards.

Recent Publications

1. The Age of Austerity: The Global Economic Crisis and Returning to Economic Growth (Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2012). Foreword by Pascal Lamy, Director General of the World Trade Organization in Geneva. 

2. Peace in Northeast Asia: Resolving Japan’s Territorial and Maritime Disputes (Edward Elgar 2008). 

3. International Trade Law (Aspen Press, 2008); second edition, 2012. This is a comprehensive casebook on the law of international trade. 

4. International Relations: The Path Not Taken (Cambridge University Press 2006). 

5. International Business Transactions (Aspen Press, second edition 2010). 

6. International Environmental Law (Lexis/Michie, 2006). A second edition is in preparation with Michael Young and Don Anton. 

7. The World Trade Organization, Law, Practice, and Policy (Oxford University Press, 2d ed. 2006) (generally considered the leading treatise on the law of the WTO).

8. Admiralty and Maritime Law, Two Volumes (West, 5th ed. 2011) (generally considered the leading treatise on US admiralty law).

9. Environmental Policy Law (Foundation, 5thed 2008). 

10. Japanese International Trade and Investment Law (Univ. of Tokyo Press 1989).

11. Key Divergences between English and American Law of Marine Insurance (Cornell Mar. Press 1999). 

12. Waging Peace and War (Simon and Schuster 1987), a biography of the late U.S. Secretary of State, Dean Rusk. 




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